Funny Poem, Eat at Cannibal’s

This original funny poem was originally published on by me. As you can see if you look down the page each letter of the words Culinary Arts is used on each line. I wrote this funny poem that was originally entered into a contest on the site! Hope you enjoy!

Cannibal’s menu specials; hand, foot and brain,
Underlined on menu, fixed fried or plain.
Licking our fingers, itching to eat more,
Menu at Cannibals, humans rich and poor.
Interesting sign reads,”Eat free of cost,”
Never ever responsible, for a limb lost.
Are motto preached, eat all you take,
Rules for preparation, broil and never bake.
You are responsible, lend a helping hand, (BLINK)

All patron’s tip, fingers taste quite bland.
Rolled in flour, another cannibals sm’ore,
Bring a friend, we can make more.:)
The Cannibal’s restaurant, dropped their prices, WOW!!,
See you there, your the special now…

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